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Ask the Celebrant

Why should we choose Suzanne Teague as our Wedding Celebrant?

  1. Firstly, I am qualified to marry you. I have been appointed under Section 11 of the Marriage Act 1955 by the Department of internal Affairs as a Registered Marriage Celebrant.
  2. I specialise in personalised, relaxed ceremonies. My style is calm and relaxed and I have a sense of humour.
  3. I genuinely care about the people I work with to ensure their ceremony reflects their hopes and dreams for their wedding day, their personalities and the love that they share.
  4. You are in good hands! I will do my best to assist with the smooth running of your wedding day, reducing stress and wedding day “jitters”.
  5. I have undertaken training to ensure I can offer you the best service possible. I have a Certificate in Celebrant Studies and I am a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand.
  6. I have a confident, calm manner, a sense of humour, a clear speaking voice and experience which my clients tell me helps put them at their ease.
  7. I provide resources and the means to guide through the ceremony process to allow you to take ownership of your ceremony and put your individual “stamp” upon it.
  8. I am a great listener. This is your day and I will be guided by your wishes and preferences.
  9. I am creative and invested in doing my very best to make your ceremony every bit as special as it should be.


How far in advance of my wedding date should I book a celebrant?

The Summer months are favoured for weddings and every year there are some dates which are more popular than others and the best celebrants will book up quickly!

Once you have booked your venue to secure your date the search should be on for the right celebrant, someone you feel comfortable with and whom you are confident can guide you through the ceremony process. You will be working with your celebrant over a number of months so it is important that you have the opportunity to choose the right celebrant for you rather than the only celebrant still available on your date.

Note; Due to recent changes made by the Department of Internal Affairs the number of celebrants approved has increased and the formerly stringent entry process has been relaxed. It’s now even more important that you check if a celebrant is both trained and experienced!



What is included in your fee?

  • Meetings to brainstorm your ideas for your ceremony
  • A pack of resource material either emailed or to take home
  • Preparation and planning of your ceremony
  • A personalised and memorable wedding ceremony
  • A rehearsal of the mechanics of the ceremony at your venue
  • Travel to the venue for the rehearsal and ceremony
  • Administration and communications
  • Guiding you through the ceremony on the day

Please see The Process for more detail

How much do you Charge?

Wedding Celebrants in Auckland charge between $350 to $950, more if you engage a “celebrity” celebrant.  I offer an all inclusive fee based on your needs,and which reflects my training, experience, the quality of the service I offer and the time I spend on crafting a personalised and unique ceremony. There may be some additonal costs such as extraordinary travel and use of equipment. I will not be the cheapest celebrant, nor will I be the most expensive, my fees are about average for an Auckland celebrant. I do offer a “Registry Office Alternative” for very small weddings where a set ceremony is appropriate.

If price is your deciding factor then I may not be the celebrant for you but there are a number of untrained and inexperienced celebrants who will be happy to gain experience by officiating at your ceremony. I am more than happy to discuss my fees with you, drop me an email of phone me for more details.

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When do I make payment?

I ask for a deposit of $200 at the time of your booking. This secures your date.  The balance is due for payment on or before your rehearsal date. Invoices and receipts will be issued for your records.

What are the legal requirements of my wedding ceremony?

Fortunately the legal requirements of a wedding ceremony are minimal: 1)     Your full names must be said at some time during the ceremony 2)     You need to say “I groom take you bride to be my wife” or similar during the ceremony. 3)     You need to complete the “Notice of Intended Marriage”. I will provide a copy of the form and guide you through the process. 4)     You must marry in front of at least two witnesses. 5)     You must be at least 16 years old although parental consent is required if you are 16 or 17 years old.

Where and w10262018_742164005805007_5635401385539103510_nhen can we marry?

You can marry wherever and whenever you would like. If you are marrying at an outdoor venue you should check if council permits are required. The wedding venue must be completed on your “Notice of Intended Marriage”. There are two spaces provided on the form to give you a wet weather alternative if you are marrying outdoors. You must marry at one of the locations noted on your marriage license.

Do you officiate at same sex marriages?

I welcome the opportunity to marry couples in love regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Anything else we should know?

I make a point of performing one ceremony per day. This means I can devote all my attention to you and your ceremony without worrying about rushing off to perform another wedding or, worse still, risk being late for your wedding! I believe this is respectful to my clients and it also means I don’t get stressed in Auckland’s traffic! I have a sound system which can be used for both music and audio during your ceremony and also a signing table (with a white table cloth) and a chair which you are welcome to use for your outdoor venue. for a modest additonal cost Need an MC for your reception? I am happy to oblige. If you have any queries email me and I will be happy to answer them.

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