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Six Avoidable Wedding Disasters!

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1. Not setting a budget:


Avoidable Wedding Disasters

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get carried away, there are so many choices to be made and often it’s the smaller purchases, the favours, the decorations, the candy bar, or stationery that can end in a blow out.

Set a realistic budget and have a talk early on as a couple about your “deal breakers”, what you really want to pull out all the stops on.

2. My friend is….going to take photos at my wedding:

The amateur photographer:

As a celebrant there is a huge difference between officiating at a wedding where a professional photographer is documenting the event and those where the photographer is an enthusiastic amateur.

Usually the first difference is I am totally unaware of the professional at work, they are unobtrusive and make the best use of their equipment to get in close. The amateur on the other hand is in my face, standing in front of guests and asking for the kiss / ring exchange / signing to be repeated so they can capture it.

Chatting to couples after their wedding, often the biggest regret is that their friend the amateur photographer has missed shots or the quality of shots taken are not great, an amateur will not have the quality equipment that are a professional’s tools of trade.

If you hire an amateur for your wedding, expect an amateur result!

3. My friend is …….going to qualify as a celebrant and officiate at my wedding:

My pet peeve! I understand that often couples don’t appreciate the benefit of a professionally trained and experienced celebrant until after their wedding ceremony is over and they reflect on the great experience they have had.

However, the best celebrants will look after you during the planning process and will put you at your ease,they will manage both guests and the wedding party during your ceremony.

Your trained celebrant will ensure your close family are sitting where they will get the best view and are the first to congratulate you after your ceremony. They know where to stand and when to move to ensure they are not the centre of attention in your wedding photos or forcing you stand a distance from your partner. They will liaise with the venue’s event manager or your planner and your photographer to ensure your ceremony is seamless.

Perhaps a question to ask is, are you happy for your friend to practice their novice celebrant skills on your wedding?

4. Not listening to your Experienced Wedding Vendor

There has been a lot of hype about “wedding mark up” and often vendors are seen as money grabbing opportunists. The truth is vendors may charge more for a wedding because a wedding is more work than other events. Your wedding vendor makes themselves available for calls, consultations and planning meetings and may send dozens of emails back and forth with their clients before the event. Most of all they are committed to making your wedding a success, after all, their reputation depends on it.

Listen to your wedding vendor’s advice, they’ve been involved in hundreds of weddings and they know from experience what works and what doesn’t. Trust their knowledge and experience and draw on it.

5. Not considering your guests

Most weddings take place in the height of summer at a gorgeous outdoor venue. Remember whatever the weather conditions your guests will be out in them longer than you will.

If you have no shade, consider hiring umbrellas for your guests or suggesting they bring their own hats or umbrellas.

Make sure you have a “Plan B” in case of rain or an unseasonal cold snap and a way to communicate any changes to your guests.

If your ceremony site is a little hard to find include a map in your invitation or your wedding website or Facebook page.

6. Being late for your own wedding:

Keeping your guegettingready2sts waiting especially on a hot summer’s day, will not impress them. In addition a late bride means a late ceremony, a late reception, less time for post ceremony photos and over cooked or cold food.

Put together a run sheet to ensure your preparation before your ceremony is planned and everyone involved in your wedding party knows what has to be accomplished before that walk down the aisle.

It’s easy to avoid these potential disasters with good planning and making great choices. Your wedding professionals will be an invaluable source of advice and experience if you need clarification or guidance.

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