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In Praise of the Small Wedding

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I’ve been lucky enough to officiate at some very small, very intimate and totally fabulous small (20 guests for less) weddings this year.

There are a number of reasons why couples choose to keep their wedding small.

Many have lived together for some time, they may have mortgages and children and while a wedding is an important next step in their relationship there may be budget constraints or they just may have decided they don’t want a traditional, elaborate and expensive affair.

Often it’s all about priorities. Couples who choose a very small wedding have made a conscious choice to invite people who are closest and important to them and whom they want to celebrate their day with. Often this choice has the benefit of freeing up budget for a really great photographer or sensational food and drink.



Katrina and Warwick’s motivation for sharing their wedding with 20 guests in August this year was a deliberate decision to share their wedding with those they truly cared about. They chose one of their favourite bistros in Point Chevalier, Twisted Tomato, the wedding ceremony was short but very personal and held against the backdrop of the brick interior of the restaurant. The couple greeted their guests with a glass of bubbly and they mixed and mingled before the ceremony started. Their guests felt very much part of the process.



Keith and Arvin’s end of August ceremony was, by necessity, a small affair. As a same sex couple they’d travelled to be married in New Zealad, They found a fabulous venue through Bookabach.co.nz with the aim of not only accommodating guests but also finding somewhere lovely for their ceremony. They settled on an apartment in Devonport which looked over the harbour to Auckland’s skyline – gorgeous! Kylin Image Photography were engaged to take both photos and video the occasion.



Millie and Troy have been together for a number of years and have a daughter together, marriage was an obvious next step. Neither of them felt comfortable about being in the limelight so they opted for fuss free simplicity shared with their closest family. They chose the Auckland Domain Rotunda for their wedding ceremonyvenue with it’s backdrop of mature trees and formal gardens and with the added bonus of unlimited photo opportunities for their wedding album!


I’m looking forward to three more restaurant weddings this year, a ceremony on a wharf on one on One Tree Hill, all small intimate and inclusive ceremonies.

As a celebrant I love working with couples and enjoy the privilege that is working at a variety of venues. But there is something really special about the “micro” wedding and the atmosphere it generates. Couples are relaxed, the guests are, by necessity, engaged in the process and as a celebrant, a very personal and relaxed ceremony is absolutely my favourite!

There are some great venues for a very small wedding in Auckland. Reinaldo and Carla chose the Herb Garden at the Auckland Botanic Gardens, other couples have married in my backyard and some have married in family’s backyards. Restaurants are often available to be booked on their quiet nights.

If you are planning a small, intimate wedding contact me to share some ideas about customising your ceremony for a small group and for ideas for venues which may capture your imagination.

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