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Applying for your Marriage License

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Wedding Tips | 0 comments

I am fortunate to be working a several couples who, while resident outside New Zealand, have decided to celebrate their wedding in beautiful New  Zealand.


In each case we go through the process of applying for a Marriage License when the marrying couple are normally resident outside New Zealand.

Fortunately the process is really very straight forward, the couple must complete a “ Notice of Intended Marriage, where both parties are ordinarily resident outside New Zealand’ (BDM 58) which is available for download  from the Department of Internal Affairs website.

If you are arriving in New Zealand less than three days before your wedding date you will have to complete the form and  send it with the required fee  (this can be by cheque or by including your credit card details with your application)  to the Registry Office closest to where you are getting married before you travel.

The statutory declaration can be completed prior before  a Commonwealth representative  in your home country or left blank and completed in front of a Registrar of Marriages when you pick up your documentation when you arrive in New Zealand.

If you are a New Zealand resident the process is similar but the form is slightly different, couples complete “Notice of Intended Marriage” (BDM 60) at least three days but preferably at least a week before you marry. One of you will need to drop the completed form to your nearest Registry Office and complete the Statutory Declaration in front of a Registrar of Marriages.

When you return to collect the license and two copies of the Particulars of Marriage it pays to check all details are correct as occasionally errors are made. Your licence is valid for three months from the date of issue.

I send couples a reminder when they are within the three month window to apply for their license and will collect all paperwork off you on or before your rehearsal date.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this process.


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